Eating Disorders suck. There is no other way to put it. They suck you in, then suck the life out of you, turning you into a shell of a human being enslaved to the whims of ED. ED had a hold of me for over 13 years, but on January 9th, 2019 I chose to fight back. I discarded my former life and committed myself to treatment. Here you will find the voice ED has tried for so long to take away from me, immortalized in glorious digital print for all to read. Stand and struggle with me as we fight for our right to live, instead of just survive.


Start here! A list of recommended publications and references conducive to self-help, growth, and recovery.


Being Seen

I never realized how important it is for me to feel seen until the last few years. I began to realize how much it mattered to me to be heard and validated in my last relationship, which lasted over two years and ended over a year ago. We worked a lot on our communication and […]

The Positivity Paradigm

When existence has been characterized by suffering for so long, it can be difficult to comprehend what life without it could look like. The concept of a positive, happy, well-adjusted person who lives a fulfilling and happy life seems so foreign to almost be unreal. Impossible. It seems as though life is always hard, will […]


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